Three white thugs were killed in a burglary and the outrage over the loss of their lives seems to be non existent…

This is how the story goes, a criminal gets killed during or after committing a crime either by another citizen or by a police officer and then everyone goes crazy. The lie that gets pushed is that they died because they were black.

Now I realize that there are exceptions to the rule. There are people of every race, yes even black who get wrongfully killed and this is a tragedy. This should never happen. But this doesn’t mean that every single criminal who has died was wrongfully killed.

They will post young pictures of the criminal and will say, “they’ve never done anything like this before.” The riots will ensue, vigils will be held. BLM will be out in the streets blocking roads.

When the criminals who got killed are white, none of this happens. There is an obvious bias. But the truth is, a lot of these criminals would still be alive, black, white, brown or any other color, if they weren’t committing crimes and were following the directions of officers.

From Clash Daily:

The young man who shot three teenage intruders dead was tonight in disbelief that he had claimed the lives of the three young men who broke into his house.

He was repeatedly asking officers: ‘Are they going to be alright…are they alright?’

Zach Peters was said to be ‘frightened’ and in shock after shooting the teenagers who had never been in trouble with the law before.

The three who died were revealed to tonight as Max Cook, Jacob Redfearn and Jake Woodruff.

They were aged 16, 17 and 18.

A thug is a thug simple as that and I don’t care what color they are or what nationality they are if they break into someones home to me they are fair game. It is called protecting what belongs to you and that is your life as well as your possessions. But the left will argue it wasn’t self-defense, especially if they are of a different race or nationality you would be called a racists.

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