When Joann Moser finally had enough of her daughter complaining about someone stealing her toys, they decided to do something that few parents have ever thought of. She set up a video camera with night vision right outside her daughter’s door, expecting to see nothing and stop her daughters complaining.

But the whole family was stunned when they checked the footage the following day and saw something that nobody could believe!

Moser’s two-year-old son may be the most cunning and intelligent toddler on this entire planet. You’ll know exactly what I am talking about after watching this hilarious and adorable clip.

At first, all is quiet. Then suddenly a door opens and a little boy sneaks out, tip-toeing across the floor to his sister’s room. Due to her recent fears, his sister has started locking the door but this little genius isn’t going to let that stop him!

Using his tool of choice (nail clippers flipped out), the two-year-old manages to open up his sister’s door while everyone remains asleep. This little James Bond doesn’t forget a thing, making sure to hide the nail clippers before proceeding with his plan.

Once everything is set up, he makes his move into his sister’s room and quickly returns, victorious and clutching a pillow pet in his hand. His parents couldn’t stop laughing while they were watching the footage and neither could I! They better key a close eye on this little guy in the future.

Credits: Joann Moser | Americanoverlook

Did your children ever do anything silly like this? Share with the rest of us in the comments!

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