Never judge a book, as they say, by its cover… this is exactly the lesson learned by this bully in our featured story for today. 

A high school cheerleader was being bullied by a larger girl who thought her petite size meant she had free reign over her. Well, she was proven gravely wrong when she was utterly destroyed in an embarrassingly one-sided fight that she herself started.

Varsity cheerleader Savannah Sprague repeatedly told this bully she did not want to fight, but the big bully didn’t listen. That was a big mistake, and every painful moment was captured on video.

“Nobody wants to fight,” the cheerleader tells the bully, who is another female, in the footage. “No one wants to fight with you guys.”

After receiving the first blow, the pint-sized cheerleader for Clayton Valley Charter High School beat up the bully. Savannah goes absolutely ballistic, throwing a series of haymakers, and she even manages to flip her larger opponent to the ground. Then, she gets on top of the bully and continues to pummel her with vicious, repetitive, closed-fist blows to her back and face.

She throws one punch and then another, followed by a slew of other punches that eventually knock the bully – who is larger than the cheerleader – to the ground in victory.

With the bully knocked to the ground, the cheerleader knew that she had to finish things. She mounted the bully and began throwing more punches until she eventually subdued the larger girl and made her feel the pain of instant karma for throwing the first punch in an unnecessary fight.

Sierra Sprague, the cheerleader’s sister, posted the clip of the fight on Twitter, captioning it:

“so my little sister got in a fight tonight and i don’t think i’ve ever been more proud, with her phone in her hand & everything lmao THATS MY MF SISTER LETS GOOOOOOO.”

According to Sierra, her little sister Savannah was not punished by the school for fighting, even though she was wearing her varsity cheerleading uniform at the time the altercation went down. This was a solid decision by the school, as footage of the incident clearly shows that the cheerleader was only defending herself after the bully punched her in the face.

Here are some comments from Twitter folks:

“What frustrates me here is that there are all these people around, and no one had the guts to step in before it came to this. People almost never stand up when they see something that is wrong anymore.”

“The aggressor thought she was tougher because she was bigger. Not the case.”

 “She like triple her size and fighting someone who didn’t wanna fight so yeah the big girl still took a L.”

While violence is not the answer to any situation, there are certainly times when self-defense is not only warranted but absolutely necessary. The cheerleader in this viral video repeatedly told her opponent that she did not want to fight. She even warned the big bully not to touch her before she was sucker-punched. But, her aggressor didn’t listen, so she had every right to defend herself.

Source: AWM

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