Richard Grenell is an American diplomat, political advisor, and media consultant who served as Acting Director of National Intelligence in President Donald Trump’s Cabinet in 2020, obviously a Trump royalty.

Now, he just exposed who the real puppet master is, well before we reveal who is pulling the strings, let’s go first to who is involved in these fluctuating situations.

Recently, it is really obvious that this DC newsroom has been hiding something from people. From the “Commander in chief down to its clowns, it is pretty sure that a circus is being operated by a master. Well, Richard confirms on her Twitter account that the Puppet master is the disgraced liar Susan Rice.

Not to mention how She’s become an Obama stooge who will literally do anything to grab a win for her team. Lying, cheating and stealing won’t be a problem if you wanted to do it for a cause, of course for your team.

In Richard’s tweet, he quotes, Washington, DC newsrooms like to hide facts that matter: Susan Rice’s deputies when she was Obama’s National Security Advisor were Anthony Blinken and Avril Haines.

Well, let’s dig in for more connections, Avril Danica Haines is the Director of National Intelligence for the Biden administration, and on the other hand, Jake Sullivan is the National Security Advisor and co-author of this Afghanistan nightmare, so let’s not deny the fact that these two clowns are closely tied to Susan. I have a heavy feeling that Richard is onto something.

Well, it all goes down to Biden. This will surely reflect on his legacy.

Lindsay Wigo can perfectly describe Biden’s legacy on her pic tweet:

I smell something fishy out here…

Sources: Wayne Dupree, Wikipedia

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4 Responses

  1. red

    Then why was Hillary involved, talking to foreign heads of state? A lot of powerful dems want her to replace harris, who’s a do-nothing.

  2. Drosack

    Richard is simply an American hero. He continues to stand up for our freedoms and truth.

  3. rangerrebew

    It has to be AOC. I think Nazi Pelosi is terrified of her and will do whatever AOC wants.

    If not AOC, it is Ilhan Omar. How can someone who married her brother to get him in this country not be held accountable by anyone? She must have a death grip on Pelosi


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