Chicago recently has been a haven for criminals due to its local government’s pushing more complications on security problems.

Previously, more robbery attempts in Windy city have been reported and most culprits are fleeing freely. Wonder why? Of course, Mayor Lori Lightfoot loves these types of people as she ordered the police to do not to engage with gun shooting incidents on criminal pursuits. Insane, right?


Then now, an off-duty police officer has been a victim of a grand theft auto and when she tried to protect herself together with her husband, she was instead handcuffed. Seriously?

It was reported that the couple was placing their grocery bags on their Toyota 4Runner trunk when a group of 3 men has approached them, as per court documents description.

The two guys have approached the couple at the back of the SUV, while the 3rd person has driven off the police officer’s vehicle which has forced the 19-year veteran police officer to open fire.

According to the plan, the driver pulled the ride around as “one of the other suspects gained ground on the SUV.” That’s when the off-duty officer reportedly “fired a single shot using a 9mm handgun.” She missed. The bullet “struck the ground behind the SUV as its driver continued to flee.”

Remembering the incident that happened in Chicago, crooks were able to flee but not for a very long time.

They were then arrested but only given minor charges and didn’t include grand theft auto.

According to the court hearing, “Four of the five youths were charged with criminal trespass to a vehicle, and one male juvenile was charged with possessing a stolen motor vehicle, aggravated fleeing and eluding, and disobeying a red light.”

and the police officer is reportedly facing a discharge of a firearm that could toss her away from the troops and at held on $5,000 bail.

Chicago is a ridiculous city so far.

Source: Deep State Rabbit Hole

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  1. Jesse

    My money says the punks were black the officer was White. Lightfoot only has a claim to lower crime rates because she does not have crime in Black neighborhoods investigated.


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