Melania has been very thoughtfully picking out her staff and with Donald Trump’s plans to cut costs in the White House.

It probably won’t be as numerous as previous FLOTUS’!

From Politicus:

President Donald Trump has many ideas on how to cut costs that came together with the White House with the latest one being his wife’s office employees.

Melania Trump has so far found her chief of staff and a social secretary that will take care of her ventures and events in the future.

However, other first ladies, including Michelle Obama, have composed their team long before their husbands were inaugurated.

“I am putting together a professional and highly experienced team, which will take time to do properly,” Melania Trump stated.

Sean Spicer told reporters:

“There’s going to be a respect for taxpayers in this administration, so that whether it’s salaries or actual positions or programs, he’s going to have a very, very tough look at how we’re operating government, how many positions they’re in, what people are getting paid,”

President Trump and his wife are hard at work so they can save tax payers unnecessary costs. This is a huge relief that we have a man in office who is looking into the incredible amount of money that the government spends every year.

Trump is actually treating his presidency like a REAL JOB! Share this if you’re excited to see how much money President Trump is able to save.

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17 Responses

  1. Annita Calvert

    That’s my President, family & staff! With this kind of leadership & God’s help, America WILL BE great, again!

  2. Betty Taylor Scarborugh

    I feel honored and blessed to have President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump leading our country. I pray, I with others will support them in every step of the way to help make American Great. Knowing God has saved my life, I know He will make it better for everyone in the USA with this kind of leadership. This is our chance to come together and I believe if others TRULY WANT to make things better they will come together with God’s help and direction. It is time to come together and love and protect each other.

  3. Mary Ann Leek

    We so àppreciate President and Mrs . Trump . Thank you for caring and putting the American people first. We pray for you everyday.

  4. Jo

    Makes whole lot of sense not to have unnecessary personel just because your the president nd first lady. They are using what they need and not wasting the money which we should be thankful for. They both show a lot of respect for the amercian citizens which we should admire. I wish them both much luck and respect always.

  5. DrLyndaHP

    Yes, I think a staff of 22 that follows you around the world like a band of obedient puppies with travel, accommodations and whatever charged to the American taxpayer. If Moocher Moochell wanted that big a staff, she should have paid for it out of her own pocket. After all, she is NOT a paid staff member, she is merely the President’s wife, PERIOD!!

  6. kenneth engledow

    yep she is worried about the taxpayers money, that is why she is staying in nyc and costing the country all that extra for her protection there.

      • Covin

        Mert, apparently you are a ln idiot…that’s called being childish…just drink your kool-aid and keep believing he cares about the average guy…

    • Darrell Klopp

      Just exactly how much extra do you calculate that is costing, Kenneth? Don’t give credit for what she is doing that is good. Deflect it like a good liberal.

    • Glenda McCall

      yeah.. staying TEMPORARILY while her son finishes out the School year…. which has been pointed out BEFORE so if you had to have KNOWN that BEFORE you opened your mouth this time…

  7. Frank Randles

    Hmm.. I don’t see a bit of substance in this ‘article’. So what did she do with her staff that cut costs? There is nothing to validate the title of this. Please don’t bother with an update if this the level of professionalism you plan to continue with.

    • Covin

      Thanks frank…it’s a fluff piece put out there so that the red neck icks that voted for him actually think he is really doing well…

  8. Shelly

    DO you realize how much she is costing this country? It is an extra million dollars per day for her to stay in New York. I am certain that she isn’t saving a million dollars a day by not having staff in place. Failure to have a staff in place has meant that the public is not allowed tours of the White House.

  9. Breanna Forer

    Trump spends more money flying to his 3 homes and keeping her in NY than the payroll of staff. So, how does this save the tax payer?

  10. Glenda McCall

    The Trumps are saving money by… one, President isn’t taking a salary, two First Lady isn’t having an ARMY of assistants when just a handful will do (compared to the outrageous amount of assistants the previous First Lady had, to do nothing but open doors and carry her luggage), and as for the “extra expense” of her staying in NY… it is TEMPORARY while her son finishes the School year… after he passes this year, they are expected to be in DC for the following one… why don’t you wait and SEE if they stay in NY for the following School year before you jack your yap?


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