A former professional wrestler was apprehended with the help of his toddler son after he strangled his ex-girlfriend and dumped her half-naked body in a duffel bag before kidnapping the boy and going on the run.

Tyler Rios, 28, has been found guilty of murdering his ex-girlfriend, Yasemin Uyar, 24, last July. Rios strangled the young woman to death and dumped her half-naked body in a duffel bag before kidnapping their two-year-old son, Sebastian Rios, and going on the run.

However, the toddler helped police capture his father, revealing to Judge John M. Deitch that he saw “Daddy choke mommy,” according to testimony from his grandmother, Karen.

After killing Uyar in her Rahway home, Rios drove Sebastian across state lines to Tennessee with his mother’s body hidden inside a duffel bag in the trunk.

On July 9, 2021, the mother and son were reported missing from their home, and authorities were able to track Sebastian down to Monterrey, Tennessee, where he was found in possession of his father. Only hours later, authorities found Uyar’s body abandoned in a wooded area not too far from where Rios was located.

According to Karen, Sebastian remembers how his father killed his mother and that Rios talked about killing her almost every day. The former wrestler gave his son “a lifetime of traumatic memories,” and Sebastian even remembers how cold his mother’s body felt after she was strangled to death by his father.

“As a parent, you are supposed to love, cherish and protect your child. Instead, he repeatedly exposed Sebastian to hate, jealousy, violence, and ultimately the death of his mother,” said Karen.

Rios, a former Highland Park High School wrestler, confessed to using a wrestling move to kill his ex-girlfriend, who had been living in an apartment hidden away from him. After killing her, he confessed that he stuffed her body into a duffel bag, which he put in the back of her car before driving to Tennessee.

Meanwhile, Karen remembered her daughter, Uyar, as a “beautiful human” who brought so much light into the world.

Now, Rios has been sentenced to thirty years in prison for his actions.

Source: AWM




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