An illegal immigrant who allegedly raped his stepdaughter is now being accused of murder and Obama’s DOJ actually protected this guy!

The Department of Justice under Obama refused to prosecute this man on human smuggling charges. ICE was also never able to deport him, even though he had a huge criminal record. Protecting criminals who aren’t even American citizens… makes no sense!

From Breitbart:

Despite his criminal history, Garcia-Ramirez applied for legal status. The Obama Administration granted him a work permit.

In early March, Garcia-Ramirez asked the teenage girl’s mother to meet him at a bank so that he could give her some money they had been arguing over. The mother, identified in court records as “O,” left Delgado and her baby at home while she went to meet him at the bank.

Instead of meeting “O” at the bank, Garcia-Ramirez went to the house and shot the 9-month pregnant girl twice, killing her and her unborn child. He left the 1-year-old child unharmed and fled the scene, the Daily Mail reported.

Ramirez should have never been here in the USA, ICE tried multiple times to deport this man. This is exactly why sanctuary cities don’t need to be in existence. They only protect these criminals who are killing, raping and doing who knows what else. Their countries can deal with them, we have enough of our own criminals to worry about.

Ramirez shot himself in the chin after killing the girl and telling her mother, “I can’t live without her.” The gunshot didn’t kill him and he lived so he can now pay for his crimes. He is being held in a San Antonio jail without bond and faces two counts of capital murder.

This is not an isolated incident either. Week after week we hear about an illegal immigrant committing a crime. A lot of times, one that ends up killing another person. President Trump is thankfully putting a stop to this. No more protecting criminal aliens.

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