Everything Joe touches it became a disaster, not just any disaster – it’s the worst disaster America has ever seen.

Ill-fated Joe with his Banana Brains proves yet another complete bonehead move.

I’m sure you’re painfully aware that gas prices are soaring – as most Americans are.

Remember, when Trump was still our president, we were basically energy independent and didn’t depend on the OPEC vultures, and gas prices were low. But when Biden was installed, he quickly changed all that and canceled everything President Trump did to make life easier for Americans.

Now, after canceling the Keystone Pipeline, we not only lost jobs, but we’re also back to being dependent on OPEC, and oil prices are skyrocketing, and OPEC is basically laughing at Biden as he begs for them to lower the cost.

So, that was bad enough, right?

But wait… Biden is about to make it even worse.

Now, Banana Brains is looking into canceling the pipeline in Michigan.

Excerpt from The Daily Wire reports:

Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration is reportedly gathering data on an oil pipeline in Michigan to determine if shutting it down would further increase fuel prices in the region.

“Revoking the permits for the [Line 5] pipeline that delivers oil from western Canada across Wisconsin, the Great Lakes and Michigan and into Ontario, would please environmentalists who have urged the White House to block fossil fuel infrastructure, but it would aggravate a rift with Canada and could exacerbate a spike in energy prices that Republicans are already using as a political weapon,” Politico Pro reported. “Killing a pipeline while U.S. gasoline prices are the highest in years could be political poison for Biden, who has seen his approval rating crash in recent months.”

The administration has not yet made a decision about the pipeline, which comes after the Canadian government invoked an old international treaty to stop the state of Michigan from shutting down the pipeline.

Sources told Politico Pro that the gathering of information on how shutting down the pipeline could impact fuel prices was only to give the Biden administration a clearer picture of the situation.

This guy won’t be happy until the entire country looks and feels like North Korea.

It’s unreal to watch him and his climate cult crew destroy how we live today, in order to hold off some fictitious “doomsday” predictions that keep changing.

How can we “Build Back Better” when Joe and his Handlers are hell-bent on destroying the middle-class – the backbone of this country?

Maybe that’s the goal. No middle-class. Only elites and the working poor, who depend on the government.

If we don’t vote these people out of office, that’s exactly where we’ll be heading.

Sources: WayneDupree, Daily Wire

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  1. Bemused Berserker

    I give up. Anyone that’s been around a while, and has loosely followed Biden’s career, knows he’s a Phuck Up. He’s been a Phuck Up through his 37 years on the Taxpayer Teat, and he was a Phuck Up during his 8 years as Obutthead’s whipping boy. Why would anyone in their right minď would vote for this Mental Midget is astounding.
    Joe Biden’s always been a Dipschitt. Now, he’s a Demented Dipschitt.


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