The House votes on a bill that will block “the application of foreign law” in US courts, this includes Sharia Law.

The bill that will ban Sharia Law for good passed in the Montana House of Representatives early this week. It passed 56-44. Republicans supported the bill stating that it upholds the constitution and democrats opposed it because it, “targets Muslims.”

Apparently we need to stop fighting radical Islam because our efforts to keep this radical thinking and belief system away from America is very xenophobic. This tolerance thing is getting way out of hand and creating a very weird atmosphere… to say the least…

From Viral Liberty:

After a lengthy debate, with Democrats and Republicans disagreeing on the intent of a Senate bill to prohibit state courts from applying foreign law, the legislation advanced in the House largely along party lines with a 56-44 vote.

Senate Bill 97, carried by Keith Regier, R-Kalispell, doesn’t specifically mention Sharia law, but it was the only kind of foreign law mentioned during testimony in both the Senate and House judiciary committees.

All I have to say is…Why in the hell was there even a vote?? This is America and we don’t abide by any Law but our own! All states and the federal government should pass this law immediately. To allow any other country’s laws to be used is treason against the USA.

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    • David Caponi

      What the he’ll had Muslim religion have to do with sharia law. We are talking about there over the US Constitution. Enough of this nondense. We need to purge these idiot lawmakers from office. Why don’t we have the Catholic church bring in Canon law. The liberals have to be replace with people that have common sense and inteligents. This has to stop!

      • Walter Euler Sr

        David Caponi; You DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS ISSUE !!! PERIOD !!! google up = the genocide of the peoples of Europe… PLEASE DO SO AND DO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY. Your life might depend on it. You will understand this whole system of Sharia law if (!!) you are a believer in our United States Constitution. Besides, this has nothing to do with Cannon Law, as you proclaimed. You should not compare apples with bananas. Besides all this: Islam is not a religion but a cult.Please wake up and be prepared.

  1. Carol

    Every Congress Woman who voted against the ban should immediately be sent on a required month-long fact-finding mission in a country that practices Sharia Law so they will finally understand what they are supporting. And, they are prohibited from proclaiming any kind of diplomatic or American Congressional status and are required to immerse themselves into the culture of the country they are visiting. Also, if they break any of the Sharia Laws, they must accept the punishment that the Sharia Court deems correct for breaking the particular law they broke.

  2. Janet

    Well remember Keith in november! Too many followers in govt. We needs more leaders! We will get rid of you on election day…

  3. Michael Finch

    The bill is great all it does isstrenghten the existing law of 1952 . Which should be acknowledged as have been broken through someone commiting Treason and Sedition that should have known better then let anyone have a visa wanting or believing in such.

  4. Linda Saxton

    Our country is invited. We know this. Muslims are here for one thing only, take us over. The world has to let them know it won’t let this happen. If other countries pull together, this evil placed on everyone can be stopped. God has got his eyes on all the world, to see if we as a human race fight back. This is the devil’s playground. For now. It’s. A war. Bloody, full of death, a war of wars. God protect us. Amen

  5. Joyce

    There is a 1952-law that islam from even being in America not compatible with our constitution and bill of right’s you need to read the QUR’AN the muslim not the ones they want AMERICANS to read have to get the book in a muslim store IT WILL OPEN YOUR EYES

  6. Joe A.

    This is Not religious discrimination, it’s against people who come here to discredit our country, our flag, and our saviour, if you happen to be muslim, Too Bad !!!!

  7. Tom Reed

    I wish this were true but I suspect this is “Fake News”

    1st: There are 435 members in the house. Why are there only 100 votes cast? OK, this could have been the Senate.
    2nd: If this were real, there would have been a bill number attached to it.


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