Our society has become so weak, so liberal, so politically correct, so tolerant, so…. full of snowflakes!

Take a step back into the 1960’s just to get a reminder of how much things have changed! Not that we should be selling cigarettes to children or anything, but we shouldn’t get so “butt hurt” over every little not politically correct thing. This generation is so sensitive!

From Viral Patriot:

The tobacco industry has not been permitted to advertise on network television for decades, but before the prohibition, they kicked out some real doozies. From direct sponsorship of television shows to some of the most bizarre commercials you may have ever seen, they flooded the airwaves with messages proselytizing their deadly and highly addictive products.

Well, we just found one of the wildest cigarette commercials of all time. In this clip, the Winston tobacco company has hired Fred Flintstone and little Barney Rubble as pitchmen for their brand. You are going to freak when you see this classic commercial.

Wow! This may be at the far opposite side of the spectrum but it shows how much things have changed over the years. Everyone is offended at EVERYTHING these days!

Those who are politically correct are spineless sheep who can’t think for themselves. Stupidity is alive and running. Just look at any snowflake and see…..

Share this memory for those who have forgotten and those who are too young to know anything about it!

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