I have always said that if I ever won the lottery, I would always try to take care of those that either took care of me or stood by me, which makes some of the decisions that Joe Biden is trying to make all the more mind boggling.

The uncle that helped me fix my car when I didn’t have the money in my twenties? Yep, he gets taken care of. The people that called me when my mom passed? Yep, they get taken care of. Now, do you think I would be sending stacks of cash to the people that tried stealing my car when I was 22? Nope. Then why in the heck is Joe Biden giving money to drug dealers?

Imperial Leader Joe Biden has done more for the economy in Mexico than he has for America. The flood of Imperial Palace decrees has fueled such a spike in smuggling that the cartels can’t launder the money fast enough to keep up. As related by retired Border Patrol Chief Roy Villareal, “Trafficking is a multi-billion-dollar industry.”

The vicious and violent Mexican drug cartels are going to have every Hispanic voting Democrat for years, even if they have to kidnap family members to make sure it happens. The jungle warlords have been working overtime “trafficking women, children, families and single adults over the U.S.-Mexico border.”

Their accountants told them they had a record month in February, earning “as much as $14 million a day.” That’s a lot of change under the couch cushions.

After three decades enforcing the law along the border, Villareal retired to defend his own small part of the desert. He’s an expert and not afraid to lose his job for talking to the press. “A lot of these vulnerable populations use their life savings. Some are essentially indentured servants and they’re working off this debt for a long period of time.”

There are other ways to work off their obligations to the cartels, depending on individual skills. “Some of these migrants are asked to transport narcotics or some form of crime to work off a different part of their debt.” Smuggling, prostitution, maybe a little murder here and there…

Once Donald Trump was dragged out of the White House, the cartels went wild. Meanwhile, “taxpayer costs for the border crisis continue to spike, topping $5 million a day.” Daily “influx” shelter costs alone hit $800 per migrant.

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