The United States Military Academy at West Point is threatening all cadets if they will hesitate to get vaccinated.

To make sure that all cadets will take the risky shot, the United States Military Academy at West Point is now enforcing punishments. And the tactics they are using to ensure compliance include solitary confinement, separation from the academy, and denying those essential training opportunities.

According to Natural News reports:

Senior military officers at the institution are reportedly demanding that students take the experimental injections on command or else be treated as an enemy in war. At first, more than 700 cadets resisted, but heavy pressure has reduced that number to less than 100.

The parents of these few remaining resisters fear that their children are going to be abused by their commanding officers for saying no to the jab, so many of them are banding together and hiring legal counsel to protect their kids from this military-led assault on bodily autonomy.

Initially, some 700 cadets resisted taking the shot, despite relentless pressure from military officials at the institution. That number is down to around 100 who have yet to “comply”.

Parents of those holdouts have organized and obtained legal counsel on behalf of their children. CDMedia reports that the parents are “banding together to fight this perceived criminal behavior by those in power over their children”.

Evidence has shown that young healthy people have little to no chance of dying from Covid19, nor of becoming seriously ill from it. It is perplexing then, that our elected officials and others seem determined to force the non-tested, possibly dangerous vaccine on them.

Not only do Wuhan Flu shots provide zero protection against infection, as well as spread, but young people of the kind that are enrolled at West Point also have a zero percent chance of dying from covid in the first place.

None of this is about safety or “saving lives,” in other words. It is all about control, and now our military is doing the controlling by imposing tyranny and persecution against those who refuse to take this mark of the beast medical intervention on command.

The United States is no longer the land of the free, and in its current state is certainly nothing to be proud of or celebrate. Anyone who even agrees to enroll in the military at all anymore must have some kind of death wish because this is only the start of what the medical fascists have in store for Americans and the rest of the world.

Sources: 100 Percent Fed Up, Natural News

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