Now that their careers have mellowed out in the last few years, Bill and Hillary Clinton find themselves with more freedom and time on their hands. While they’ve been dragged into the spotlight over Bill’s friendship with a child molester and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, the two have absconded to the beach in the Hamptons a few hours outside of New York City.

While the former first family has been sought by reporters for questioning, they have been able to avoid such interruptions by taking beach strolls and getting away from it all in their luxury vacation house. The pair were spotted on the beach on Tuesday.

Hillary, 71, was looking particularly relaxed. She wore a gray hooded sweatshirt and baggy pants, which gave her the look of someone simply trying to dress down and enjoy a few days of vacation. The former First Lady and Secretary of State also wore Under Armor sneakers and a white hat. Bill was also dressed down for their walk along the shore. He wore an athletic polo shirt as well as black shorts. On his feet, he had neon pink Nike trainers.

While the former First Couple walked along the shoreline, they were in good spirits. A vacation does a person good, especially when they have to deal with as much pressure as the Clintons. Because of their established connection to Jeffrey Epstein, who died in federal prison last week, they have been under scrutiny from the press. And there are conspiracy theories going around that the Clintons could have been involved in it. There are also questions about whether or not Bill ever visited Epstein’s “Pedophile Island.” But given the president’s established interest in adult women, such a visit would be very, very unlikely.

For years, the presidential couple has visited the Hamptons for vacation. They love going all the way to the end of Long Island for their luxury beach vacation. It’s quiet, and they get some time alone to think and reconnect. With the busy lives they lead, such time is necessary to keep their marriage going forward.

While there is zero evidence that Bill was connected to Epstein’s sexual deviances, Epstein allegedly hosted a thing that has since been called “Pedophile Island” in the United State Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea.

The trip to the Hamptons occurred after the presidential couple spent time with reality stars and actors while attending an event at the home of Iranian billionaire Joseph Moinian during the weekend.

Hillary is now a grandmother of three. Her daughter Chelsea gave birth to a son in July, growing the size of the Clinton family legacy.

Following Epstein’s arrest last month, Bill Clinton issues an official statement clarifying that he had no knowledge of Epstein’s sexual tendencies toward young children and sex trafficking.

The Clinton rent a mansion along the shore in the Hamptons when they go on vacation. It is worth $18 million and is absolutely gorgeous. They hang out with the locals while they visit the beach town.


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  1. Al Pambuena

    This article on bill and Hillary acts like they are the victims here..oh poor them…they have created more havoc and have violated more laws in this country yet they always get away with their crimes….and their are way too many people associated with them that have ended up dead..going back 30 years…

  2. Doug Hiley

    Did I see a Greenpeace ship in the background? Maybe a landing party is on its way to push that beached whale back in the water! Just wondering of course! 😆 lol


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