Throughout the final years of his presidency, Barack Hussein Obama has made it clear that he will let race-baiting Black Lives Matter protesters get away with pretty much anything.

That’s why a movement has spread among these protesters to block traffic on highways during their protests, as they know they will never face consequences for their actions.

In this video, however, a group of liberal protesters learn the hard way that blocking traffic on a highway might not be such a good idea.

Watch as the fed-up driver of a red truck refuses to slow down for the protesters, sending them running for their lives as he plows right through them and continues his drive.

What would you do in the same situation?

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5 Responses

  1. Borderwatch

    good for the driver, glad the pack of dogs didnt attack him and hurt him….should have been more people laying in the road. The police need to do their jobs

  2. j.d

    protest all you want…just stay out of the middle of the fucking road you morons.

  3. page

    And that’s the way to take care of Domestic Terrorist. Run there asses over. Can’t fight them, Flatten them.


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