Whenever I go grocery shopping, I always try to plan things in advance as much as possible. Maybe it’s from watching Supermarket Sweep as a kid, but I try to spend as little time in the grocery as possible.

Now, this is me living in a relatively small town that doesn’t have to worry about any random events like flash mobs or anything of that nature. If a mob was ever formed in my town, it would be half of the town itself.

Anyway, the idea that someone would trap someone in a grocery store because of the fact that they don’t agree with something that has not a damn thing to do with the people in the store, that’s just mind boggling.

BLM attacked a Wegmans Grocery Store in Rochester, New York, trapping 100 or more people inside as the police stood by and twiddled their thumbs. Democratic mayors and governors always seem to side with the rioters.

The rioters were protesting the fact that no police officers were indicted over the death of Daniel Prude. Prude had ingested a massive quantity of PCP, which is a horse tranquilizer before his death.

After ingesting the drugs, Prude was walking around naked and local police tried to restrain him as he began to spit at the officers. The police put a spit hood on Prude to protective themselves from communicable diseases. He died seven days later. The coroner called it a homicide and listed the drugs he took and other factors including asphyxiations as the cause of death. The DA recently announced there would be no charges.

According to local news reporter Michael Schwartz, the cadre of BLM supporters yelled, “We have a long walk today, we’re shutting s*** down!”

Schwartz reported,: “The group has set up here at East Ave. Wegmans. Cars following have carried these supplies. Last time I saw a tent setup was at Occupy City Hall. Shoppers cannot leave.”

Rochester journalist and radio host Bob Lonsberry said:

“Hundreds of people trapped in the East Avenue #ROC Wegmans by this mob. The Rochester Police Department is just watching and letting it happen. I guess fire codes and trespassing aren’t things in Rochester anymore. What an embarrassing day for the city and the PD.”

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  1. Robert Higginbotham

    The BLM is just another violent, domestic terrorist mob the same as the terrorist Antifa. They are a collection of America hating morons.


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