The Democratic Party is crumbling right before our eyes, but did we expect anything less from the party allowing people like Nancy Pelosi to run the show? The woman can barely form a sentence these days. I’m sure you’ve all heard about her getting on stage and twisting President Donald Trump’s words, claiming that he called all illegal immigrants “animals.” The thing is, he only called MS-13 gang members “animals.”

This Tuesday, the GOP released an ad for the upcoming midterm elections, and it was a shot right at the Democrats who support criminal illegal immigrants. The ad used the direct words of Democrat Party leaders within the House of Representatives. After all, they always say the truth hurts the most.

In the ad, Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is seen bashing President Trump for calling members of the brutal and violent MS-13 gang “animals.” The ad juxtaposes Pelosi’s comments with video footage of MS-13 gang members beating a nameless victim to the ground. The ad continues to show news footage of horrific things that the gang has done.

Pelosi has already been making herself look bad lately, but this is something else. She can be heard defending MS-13 gang members saying, “When the president of the United States says these aren’t people, these are animals, you have to wonder does he not believe in the spark of divinity?”

Take a look at the ad below:

How has no one pointed out how hypocritical it is for someone like Pelosi, who believes in abortion (aka: the murder of an unborn human child), to say anything about the “spark of divinity.”

Conservative Tribune reported on the GOP ad:

On a logical level, what Pelosi was doing was using a deliberate deception by the mainstream media about what Trump actually said during a May 16 meeting with California law enforcement officials to smear his remarks as referring to all immigrants instead of the merciless killers of MS-13.

Even worse, from a purely political point of view, Pelosi was taking a side most normal Americans disagree with, according to at least one poll.

Basically, Nancy Pelosi made herself look like an idiot on stage, claiming Trump said something that he didn’t. She continued to make herself look bad when she tried to defend MS-13 gang members. These are the same people who beat and kill women and children. Pelosi did this to herself.

This is precisely why the ad is so effective.

Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey, a known Conservative commentator, explained“Overall, Americans split 56/44 in support of using an ‘animals’ metaphor. The question splits young voters (under 35) down the middle, but all other age demos have solid majorities finding ‘animals’ a fair description of MS-13. It’s not popular among Hispanic voters, but only narrowly at 47/53, surprisingly. There’s almost no difference between urban, suburban, and rural voters on this question, all of which back it with majorities. Independents find it fair on a 55/45 basis, while only 25% of Republicans consider it unfair. In other words, getting into semantic games over the use of a metaphor doesn’t look like a winner for Pelosi & Co, which is why the RNC rushed out its first attack ad on the subject. It won’t be the last, since Pelosi’s argument only wins significantly among African-Americans (35/65) and Democrats, but only 41/59. Pelosi’s argument isn’t even a slam dunk inside the fold, let alone outside of it.”

Things have already been looking pretty bad for the Democrats lately, but this GOP ad really put a damper on their chances in November’s midterm elections. Way to go, Nancy.

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  1. Edmond VanDerGinst

    Nancy Pelosi didn’t make herself “Look Like An Idiot”, she is a full blown moronic idiot. She can’t even follow the teachings of the church supposedly claims to a member of. Everything she supports like abortion is strictly against the Catholic Church beliefs.

  2. Mark Little

    Pelosi has stolen millions in Taxpayers money. She had nothing before her fraud election to the House. Now she has 4+ houses, private jets, and dozen of cars with her stolen US funds. She should be in prison.


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