Last nights football game surprised many! With an amazing comeback, Tom Brady decided to do something after the game nobody expected!

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According to faithfamilyamerica,

In what ESPN and many others are calling the greatest comeback in NFL history, the New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons, securing an incredible comeback for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady as well.

As his teammates jumped for joy around him, Brady did something bizarre. He fell to the ground, kneeling with his head down for over 20 seconds as camera crews crowded around.

Media outlets far and wide are reporting that Brady was overcome with emotion, which undoubtedly he was, but only ESPN pointed out what else he might have been doing during those long seconds on the field.

Senior writer Ian O’Connor said Brady was kneeling “in prayer.”

And to O’Connor, it was obvious why as he pointed out that Brady’s victory was not just for himself, his teammates, or Patriots fans. It was largely for his suffering mom.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft said, “This was the first game his mother had been at, and she’s been going through a lot. He said, ‘Let’s win one for her,’ and I was thinking when we were down, when it was 28-3, how he must have felt.”

According to the Huffington Post, Brady’s mom Galynn hasn’t been to his games all season because she’s been quietly undergoing chemotherapy for cancer for the past 18 months.

Brady’s son, Tom Brady Jr., captured the family’s reaction, saying, “He puts everything he can into every single game. But this one, I heard he just said, ‘I’m winning this one for my mom.’ That one jerks the tear ducts big-time. … She lives and dies with every one of her children, whether it’s in a football game or anything else. And she was very thankful. Very thankful, yeah, just very thankful that this played out.”


And even if Brady Sr. wasn’t praying during that quiet moment on the field, someone very close to him certainly was the entire time, according to the Boston Globe.

“I’m overwhelmed,” Brady’s mom reacted after her son’s victory. “All I did was pray the whole game.”


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God Bless Tom Brady and his family!

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