We had a guy that lived next door to us when we were kids that some kind of mental degradation that happens to some folks as they get older. Nice guy, but you could tell that there were times that he wasn’t there.

We used to sit with him sometimes when his wife would have to go to the grocery store and he would be talking to you and would stop dead in his tracks and just stare at the wall. He would do this for a few seconds and then go right back into the conversation like nothing happened. It was scary.

Nice guy, but I wouldn’t want him in charge of the nuclear codes.

Joe Biden passed the buck to Vice President Kamala Harris today when he announced that she’d be taking over to fix the border invasion. This comes after Harris laughed when asked when she was going to the border.

At the end of the announcement, Biden looked down and mumbled, “Now, we’ll get down to business here.”…and then he said to someone out of camera range, “Ron, who am I turning this over to?”

Ron announced that it was time for the press to leave, but reporters still asked Biden questions while he just stared blankly at them.

Does this man look like he’s in charge of anything?


It is frightening that there is a puppet-like Biden in the White House. Comments on the video are overwhelmingly about how Biden is just not there.

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  1. Drosack

    Stop!! Making way for that loose power hungry woman to take over is just nuts.

    • kodster

      All part of the agenda. Biden gets removed, 25th Amendment, Kamel-toes gets to be president for historical purposes, but then gets removed herself, due to the US Constitution, 12th & 14th Amendments (she’s not eligible to be president OR VP, due to being native-born, not natural-born… her parents were NOT citizens of the US when she was born, which precludes her from being ‘natural-born’, which is a requirement to serve as President or VP). But before she gets removed, she’ll pick her VP replacement… none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton (the one that said that she wanted to be president, but didn’t want to run for office again, in July of 2018, NPR interview). Once HRC is confirmed as VP, they’ll remove Kamel-toes, and HRC gets moved into the presidency. See, she gets to be president, but the American people didn’t elect her through a normal campaign process. This is what they’ve had planned since Trump won in 2016. EVERYTHING they’ve done since then is to result in HRC becoming President. Go back and look at everything HRC has said to Joe Biden on the campaign trail to steal the election for Joe. This is their plan, and think that we’re too stupid to see right through their plan. This is the reason why we need to have Trump back, ASAP! Even the container ship in the Suez Canal is connected to getting Trump back into office. It’s all interconnected like one huge spider web, and most people cannot wrap their heads around it to untangle it all.


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