After President Trump called out NFL players for disrespecting their country by kneeling during the national anthem, even MORE players started kneeling.

This was strictly to spite Trump. Most players have no clue why they’re kneeling, though. They’ll say it’s to bring awareness to social injustice, racism, and police brutality, but simple facts will dispell all that BS in seconds flat.

There were rumblings that the league was going to change their rules, requiring players to stand for “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones even said that any of his players who kneel will be benched.

Now, the NFL has made their decision in a statement released by the Players Union.

There will be no rule change. Players can continue to kneel.

Meaning, TV ratings will continue to decline.

“Commissioner Roger Goodell reached out to NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith today and both he and player leadership will attend the League meetings next week. There has been no change in the current policy regarding the anthem. The agenda will be a continuation of how to make progress on the important social issues that players have vocalized. Everyone who is part of our NFL community has a tremendous respect for our country, our flag, our anthem and our military, and we are coming together to deal with these issues in a civil and constructive way.”


If you’re completely DONE with the NFL after this latest deplorable move, let them know about it. Don’t watch games at home. Don’t spend money at the stadiums. Soon, they’ll get the message that we’re tired of seeing players disrespect this country. Let’s get 10,000 shares to show the NFL we’ve had enough!

H/T: Bleacher Report

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  1. Laura Locke

    My family will never watch another professional football game again. I’ve been watching the Dallas Cowboys play every week since I was a small child. My grandmother was a devoted fan so heaven and earth stopped when the Cowboy game was on. I’m sure she is rolling over in her grave watching the carnage as her Dad, grandpa and husband were all veterans. Every player, coach and owner should be ashamed of themselves. Their behavior disgusts me and I am done. My son will not play football because I want him to grow up to be a descent human being and clearly, these individuals are not. So goodbye NFL. I’m done!

  2. Salday

    The hard working taxpayers of this country have had enough. We told the liberals, the Democrats, the haters this when we elected Donald Trump President. You didn’t listen. We have tolerated abuse and misuse for decades and kept our mouthes shut. We refused to protest injustices because we all had jobs to go to. We could not afford to stand around holding posters and whining to the media as we have bills to pay. But, finally, we’ve had enough. It took a bunch of spoiled millionaires to wake us up or shake us up. You boys have had really good lives. Most of you went to school free because you could play football. You play a game for a job and make sinful amounts of money. And you have the nerve to disrespect this wonderful country, our flag and anthem, our military and law enforcement. Most of you will be bankrupt and possibly homeless a couple of years after you retire. Many of you have criminal records and think you can do whatever you please. You claim your silly, disrespectful little protest is for the oppressed. Bull malarky. It’s for attention. It’s to see just how much more you can get away with. If you were concerned with the oppressed, you would take some of those millions and get out in the neighborhoods and gettos and really try to make a difference. But you don’t because you don’t care. Kneeling is not helping anyone. So, the silent majority is taking a stand for what we believe in and we are already making a difference. How much money has the NFL already lost? Think about it. Before long it will cut into your paychecks. You don’t protest on your job. You don’t protest the country that allows you to live like kings. You don’t protest the very men and women that helped make all of this possible for you. You show respect. I hope y’all figure this out before the money runs out. The NFL needs to get a little backbone and fix this, if it’s not too late. While they are at it, they could give you boys some classes in money management so you don’t wind up on welfare when you are out of a job.

  3. Randall

    As the old saying`s go, ” your history bitch “, “hasta la vista”,” don`t hold your breath”,” stick it where the sun don`t shine” and ” yo momma “.

  4. Susan Jesmok

    I was an avid Packer fan! I will never go to, or watch another game! My country comes before any entitled, spoiled football player. Respect our country or get out of dodge!!!

  5. Nelson

    Have been a loyal raider fan since the 60’s. But no more, this includes the whole NFL. Am not watching a bunch of over paid temper tantrum adolescents. Throw a fit, just because they saw some one else do it. As far as I go, NFL can go to h&#%&. Being a Veteran, I have folded a Flag over a Veterans coffiin. They insult these men, with their follow the leader stunts. Good Riddance

  6. Edward

    I have not watched an NFL game since Kaepernick’s first kneeling. If the NFL does not respect America and the Flag, then they don’t need me to watch them. They can make it on their own. I will never vote for any tax dollars or special benefits for NFL teams again..

  7. Marianne

    How does disrespecting our flag,our President, and the anthem fix social justice issues? This is only causing more division and it’s an embarrassment to our country. Shame on those cowards like Goodell who are too afraid to stand up to those who will not honor our flag, also the players who have to jump on the band wagon for fear of being shutout. There are other ways to protest but never should it be during the National Anthem. We are also boycotting the NFL.


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