Reports show that more than 100 men have been sent to “concentration camps” where they are tortured and killed for being gay, the Chechen president’s spokesperson claims that gay Chechen’s “just don’t exist” so there couldn’t be such camps…

Several news reports and gay rights activists are talking about these “prison camps” in Chechnya which hold men who have been arrested for being gay. A witness who escaped the camp says that they are beaten, tortured and even killed inside these camps.

Though the Chechen president, Ramzan Kadyrov’s spokesperson has claimed that Chechnya doesn’t have any gay people so they couldn’t possibly have these camps for people who don’t exist.

Hmmm… I’m sure they’re making sure that gay people don’t exist by killing them!

From Breitbart:

Novaya Gazeta notes that its report on the “mass detentions” of gay men in the Muslim-majority region has been confirmed by various sources, including officials from the autonomous region’s government and top law enforcement agency — the Federal Security Service (FSB).

According to the newspaper, “more than 100” gay men in Chechnya have already been detained at several camps where the prisoners are tortured, killed, or forced to promise to leave the Russian province.

Torture involves homosexuals being beaten several times a day, electrocuted, and forced to sit on bottles, reports Novaya Gazeta. At least three homosexuals have been killed, it also notes, adding, “Our sources say that there are many more victims.”

The age of the homosexual victims ranges from as young as 16 to men in their 50s.

The fact that the majority of this Republic is Muslim plays a significant part. “Honor killings” are a prominent practice among Muslims in Chechnya. The killing of gay family members will “wash the family of shame” and bring them honor.

The LGBT community faces real persecution in Russia, they don’t only have to worry about Police officers but even their own family members. This is the first concentration camp situation we have seen since Hitler.

The liberal snowflakes of America need to take a little trip to Chechnya to see what real persecution and discrimination looks like. Can you imagine what the Muslim people are thinking… or planning when they come over to America and see our gay pride parades?

The atrocities happening in Chechnya is what hate really looks like.

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