Prince George County, Maryland was a scene of kids sitting in the street during school hours…nice way to keep the children safe.

The students went and sat in the middle of a highway! Who in the world would let these kids leave the class to do something so dangerous? It’s one thing to exercise your right to free speech but this is school and this is dangerous! The lefty educators are doing so much damage to our kids by not teaching them CIVICS 101 and for not teaching them our history. This is ridiculous!


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  1. Valetta Jenkins

    I Hope and pray to God, this insanity stops, how can students be allowed to break the laws of this country without suffering the consiquences and the school should also have consiquences
    For allowing this. Unbelieveable, if that was my kid I would take him in hand and he would pray the police picked him up before I got there.

  2. Missy

    On page 7&10 of the Prince George county student hand book – it shows consequences for not going to school & refusal to go to school … pg 11 actions against the parents !
    *16 or older should be expelled for too many absences and time missed 1100 hours a year.
    * on a side note the attendance committee should be fired !
    *handbook states – poor attendance will include court violation/parental sanctions ! Parent receive a referral for their child to the dept of juvenile services!
    – districts NEED TO FOLLOW THE LAW! What kind of an example are you who are teaching our children !!!
    Knowingly keeping children out of school is a Misdemeanor -!!! And that does NOT expempt teachers & principles !


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