Democrats actually think that Christianity can be grouped together with Islam!

This is so ignorant!

From The Blaze:

According to a CBS poll, a majority of Democrats have said that they believe that the religion of Islam is dangerous, but that other religions are just as bad.

66 percent of Democrats believe when it comes to other religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Mormonism, et al, they are responsible for just as much violence as Islam. Only 14 percent believe Islam is more violent, which totals out to one out of seven Democrats.

Image source: Screenshot of CBS Poll
Image source: Screenshot of CBS Poll

Meanwhile, Republicans have few qualms with calling Islam a more violent religion than the others with a majority 63 percent.

Islam is the religion that was the inspiration behind such attacks as 9/11, San Bernardino, Pulse Nightclub, the attacks that took place in France, and more. The religion is also responsible for the murder of gays, and women under the guidance of Sharia law, which requires strict punishments for those who do not adhere wholly to it.

On the other hand, religions such as Christianity are often far more charitable, and make up the foundation for western laws which protect those groups that Sharia law seeks to put under its boot.

That’s a liberal for you. They are completely anti- religion, and think all of it is bad. But you can’t put Christianity together with Islam, this is a completely uninformed opinion…

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