Another connection has been made on the international child smuggling / pedophile ring being exposed thanks to the wikileaks revelations.

The trail is still hot, there are faaar too many leads for a single person to follow and they are clearly aware that the net is closing.

If you’re not caught up on the comet ping pong / pizza situation please see my previous posts for context :

This will be a short post focused on filling in an important gap in the info being spread about this particular block of Clinton/PizzaPAC friendly businesses.

Fun fact, Besta is “beast” in Portuguese. Beast Pizza ?

Portugal isn’t particularly known for pizza , but certain circles know that the age of consent is 14 in Portugal.

Besta Pizza is 2 doors down from Comet Pizza :

After all of the internet detectives examining the businesses in this area, and pointing out the known pedophile symbol in their logo , Besta Pizza decided to remove the symbol from their logo a few days ago

After seeing it written elsewhere that Besta was also owned by the same owner as comet pizza, I initially accepted that without digging deeper. After all, he already definitely owns 2 other buildings in that street, why not 3 ?

I double checked the details myself after they changed their logo:

Heres how

License id 930515000033 , Corporate Name Uptown Pizza, Inc , Trade Name Besta Pizza

Expiring at the end of this month
Alright, what do we get if we look up “Uptown Pizza, Inc” ?

A corporation search on the same site requires a (free) login, and it can be found here – screenshotted below :

And then if you click the business name it gives you more detail including the agent name

The registered agent for Uptown Pizza Inc is Andrew Kline .

That name sounded familiar already but I couldn’t pick it, but after a little bit of google-fu I stumbled across this article from Vanity Fair in 2011 (archived copy)

The whole article is worth a read but here’s the critical part :

In the winter of 2006, Assistant U.S. Attorney James Genco began writing an indictment which would accuse Martinez, Paris, Forbes, Shanaya Hicks (a.k.a. “Toni”), Kazimierz Sulewski, Christopher Fanning, and four more of, among other crimes, a conspiracy to use interstate facilities (cell phones and telephone wires) to promote prostitution. Seeking some additional input, “Genco reached out to Washington,” Scates says. “That’s when Andrew Kline got involved.”

Special Litigation Counsel Andrew Kline, a Clinton appointee with an M.A. in human rights from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, was one of four attorneys in the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit of the Department of Justice, in the Civil Rights Division. It fell upon the curly-haired, bespectacled Kline (now a senior adviser in the executive office of the president) and one other colleague to provide U.S. attorneys nationwide with training on prosecuting trafficking cases.

I’m not directly accusing Andrew of anything.

I just want these important facts made clear on the blockchain:

  • Besta Pizza logo contained known pedophile symbolism
  • Best Pizza logo removed symbolism within the last few days
  • Andrew Kline owns Besta Pizza.
  • Andrew Kline worked/works as an attorney in Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit of the DoJ
  • Andrew Kline was appointed to this position by Bill Clinton

Verify for yourself. See my past posts and twitter for more information.

3 Responses

  1. Andrew B. Brown

    What’s the “pedophilia symbol”?

    I will say that lawyers are guilty as sin and legal records are everywhere. Their arrogance and over-confidence has led to documenting evidence against themselves everywhere, including the names of streets.

    An example in Brooklyn: At the crossroads of the L-line and Long Island Railroad is a recycling center with a homeless shelter next door. A large abandoned church is across the street, with Brooklyn Funeral Home with Cremation Services adjacent. What’s interesting is the street names. To start, it’s Atlantic and Pacific, with “Sackman” connecting. They flush good people down the homeless shelters, while they vouch for evil in the wealthy set. Trust fund theft, right in the street names.

    • Andrew B. Brown

      They don’t admit anything, because they’d go to prison. They’re all guilty, so they all sit in silence and pretend nothing’s happening.

  2. Andrew B. Brown

    When lawyers “prosecute trafficking”, they are chasing down escapees and looking for potential sources of slaves. The only people who get punished are the ones who were interrupting the supply lines of young girls to the “elite’s” doors.

    This will sound stupid, but it is part of their coded language. “prosecute” = “pro see cute”. The ‘pro’ gets to see the really cute girls.


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