Soros funded, CNN is doomed! Their fake news has caught up with them, even communist Venezuela has banned them from their country!

CNN has been under fire for their fake news reports recently, like the one about Russia having “sexual blackmail” on Donald Trump. That story came from a “4Chan” user and was meant to be a joke. As ridiculous as it sounded, CNN STILL ran with it! Anything to smear Trump’s name.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is angry with CNN for “manipulating information” in a news report about a Venezuelan student. He has officially banned CNN from their country.

From the Panama Post:

Maduro said Sunday he wants CNN “outside” Venezuela after he claimed the news channel manipulated information about a student’s complaint regarding the lack of food at school.

“Some media like CNN tried to manipulate information,” he said. “They can not manipulate information like that, it’s our affair, of Venezuelans. CNN does not need to put its nose in Venezuela … I want CNN well away from here.”

How many more countries need to ban the hack news channel CNN? They have lost their grip on responsible reporting. Their liberal bias has ruined their reporting abilities because now they’re more interested in pushing the liberal agenda and smearing Trump, rather than reporting real news.

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  1. Susan

    I don’t watch CNN or any thing that promotes gossip or lies. These people should be arrested or closed down for defamation of character

    • Ros Pot

      Agreed! I used to be a daily watcher especially of Anderson Cooper and Wolf……, I dont watch CNN at al because of the ultra liberal focus instead of reporting the news.


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