Hollywood STAR Denzel Washingtong has always been extremely influential, especially to our youth of America. Now he is offering some BIG advice to young actors…

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Let Denzel Washington be your “Om.” That’s yoga-speak for relaxed. Well sort of. For where other celebrity twittards have been lecturing from behind their plastic castles (see Christina Applegate Lectures Americans, Won’t ‘Shut Up’ About Politics and Robert De Niro Praises Meryl Streep Rant), Mr. Washington offered sage advice…

“The most important thing you can do in life is to help others. … In this ‘how many likes do I have’ world that we live in, turn it off, look to your friends, lift somebody up, make somebody else better than you are. Help somebody.”

Look, we’re not stupid. I’m fairly certain Denzel Washington voted for Hillary Clinton. He most likely disagrees with Trump’s executive order. It doesn’t matter which one, you just pick it. And, there may even have been a sizable donation to the ACLU over the weekend. In short, I’d bet my overpriced coffee money that Denzel Washington has political opinions that are completely opposed to those of most LwC readers.

But the idea of raising someone else up, of being supportive, of offering help to your friends? That’s not political. It’s basic human kindness that has zero to do with gender queer whatever or what Lena Dunham is writing or saying about white men ruining modern life.

Denzel just doesn’t feel the need to be a dick with his idiotic political preaching every time there’s a camera in his face. More importantly, the actor seems to go out of his way to be positive and thoughtful.

Be more like Denzel, Hollywood.

Be less like them…

What do you think of his advice?

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