Another Joe Biden dementia clip is now circulating online and has gone viral. Well, most of the internet has come to one creepy consensus about what Joe actually said in this clip.

We all know that Biden doesn’t exactly come off as “mentally healthy.” But what he’s done now is totally bizarre and depressing at the same time.

I don’t have any clue of what Biden said in the video, but what I know is the words he said were not normal for the so-called mentally healthy “president”

In the video, Biden can be seen going straight to a reporter who asked him about the amnesty in Democrats’ reckless spending spree, and shockingly he responded with meaningless words.

What he said made a lot of people from the internet wonder what exactly he meant.

What the right said about the words he mumbled is that he said “My butt’s been wiped.”

This is hilarious. But who knows this might be right.

And his people from the left said that what he meant was “I’ve lost my wife.”

I don’t know why he’d say that, except maybe because he’s confused. After all, Jill is in Tokyo?

Did anyone bother to tell him that she was gone?

Below are the comments from the people online:

“Either “My butt’s been wiped!”, or “My butt’s been waxed!”

“Maybe it’s because English is not my first language, but I can’t make out anything out of this. Native English speakers, help me out here….”

“It sounds to me like he’s saying “I must be white.””

“God help us”

“Did he really just say “my butts been wiped””

“His butt has been either wiped or waxed. $1M to the journalist who asks Psaki to confirm which one it is at her next news briefing”

“Ozzy Osbourne is more understandable than that thing”

“Any lip readers out there?”

“You know things are going swimmingly well for the Biden Administration when this is as good as they got.”

“My Butts been washed!”

“I may be wrong, but I think he’s saying “I have an advanced case of senile dementia, but I made the brilliant decision of selecting Kamala as my VP; there will be no invocation of the 25th Amendment and no impeachment because no one in either party wants her as POTUS.””

“Most votes ever received by a president. LOL” 

“My butts been wiped?”

“My butt’s been wiped??” He did a number 2 on Air Force 1??”

“Please make it stop”

“My butt’s been wet””

“My butts been waxed.” Or at least that what I think I heard.”

“My butts been wiped?? That’s what it sounds like to me.”

“” My butt’s been wiped”. Maybe they just changed his diaper?”

This is not the first time that Biden responded to something weird “mentally creepy” during a serious interview.

Last time he was asked about Dems supporting “defund the police” and Joe blurted out about Republicans thinking Democrats suck kids’ blood.

This only proved that the so-called “mentally healthy president” is not behaving normally and it’s getting worse day by day.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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