“Please, Mr. President, please evacuate us. We need help.” That’s one hell scary and heartbreaking call-out.

I mean, how come the greatest nation on earth leaves its citizens stranded in the middle of a war zone.  Biden knows that things will get ugly if he pulls out. He’s so selfish that he has no concrete plan for the American Citizens even before he started pulling the strings.

The situation is really getting worse day after day in Afghanistan as the deadline comes near.

It was confirmed by the German officials that the U.S and its allies won’t be able to evacuate all Afghans who qualify by August 31.

This was posted by Lucas Tomlinson on his Twitter account:

This American woman shares her story with Fox News. One of many Americans who were trapped behind enemy lines that the Biden administration has said that they’re having a hard time tracking.

Where she confirmed that they really feared for their lives. There are as many as 20 Taliban checkpoints standing between her and the Kabul airport where the US military is evacuating citizens.

She also said that during an attempt to pass through one of these militant’s checkpoints, The Talibans whipped her and another man standing near her was shot in the head. After that incident, she had been hiding in fear with her aunt, who is a former Afghan parliament member, her uncle as well as a number of contractors and children.

She also said that, “We are devastated, We’re scared for our lives. Every moment that a car passes by, I feel like they are going to pull in and execute us. I don’t know if I’m going to see my children again.”

She even said that she’d rather die and commit suicide than allowing the Taliban to seize her.

She had an urgent and tearful plea for the president. “Please, Mr. President, please evacuate us. We need help.”

Meanwhile, Jake Tapper is giving fact checks to Jen Psaki whose fresh from her vacation who seems not ready to answer these hot questions about the situation with the Taliban as the Biden Administration keeps telling us that everything is alright, wherein fact, its not.

A video was posted by RNC Research Twitter account:

Where Jake said, “There are no doubt Americans who feel stranded in Afghanistan right now.”

Recently, Jen Psaki told a reporter that it was “irresponsible” to say that the US is stranding Americans in Afghanistan after the Taliban took over the country.

Well, you should have postponed your vacation and help to expedite the evacuation then.

Well, Jen’s hot seat situation will bring her to another vacation again, sooner.

Sources: Wayne Dupree, CNN Politics

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