The Las Vegas shooting has now reached a level of absurdity that can only come as the result of an extreme cover up gone wrong.

In the beginning of the investigation into the deaths of 59 Americans including shooter Stephen Paddock, the American public was informed that Paddock had acted alone in pulling if the largest mass shooting in US history. That was a massive lie and the start of a government level coverup in order to hid the true facts surrounding the fatal occurrence.

Since then, through witnesses and research, we are findings by our that logistically there is absolutely no possible way that Paddock was working alone, a security officer did see and report a shooter, that same security officer now refuses to give an interview even though he was moments away from doing so, Paddocks house was secretly broken into despite the ongoing investigation, and now an eyewitness claiming to have seen a second shooter turns up dead in bed. WTF!

Via Freedom Daily:

On Saturday, Prissy Holly for Freedom Daily reported of the likely non-coincidental death of 26-year-old Kymberley Suchomel. “With authorities and possibly top-level government agents now participating in an active cover-up, just how frantic and determined are these liars going to be at stopping the truth from coming out? Would they actually KILL Americans in order to BURY the truth about Las Vegas? According to breaking reports, it sure appears to look that way.”

“Up until Kymberley Suchomel was found mysteriously dead in her home on Wednesday in the early morning hours, the 28-year-old was very vocal in her assertion that there were multiple gunmen involved in the shooting. She had spoken to multiple news agencies about the truth of what happened that night, and was determined to not let the trail of evidence run cold.”

According to Realfarmacy, “Suchomel was not injured during the shooting at the Route 91 music festival, and died suddenly in the early hours of Monday at her Apple Valley home, the woman’s grandmother, Julie Norton, explained to SeaCoast Online that Kymberley must have died in her sleep somehow within just a four hour period of time between when Kymberley’s husband went to work at 4:30 a.m. to when Norton showed up to her granddaughter’s home at 8:30 a.m. to care for her 3-year-old great-granddaughter.

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