Mike Rowe posted a great story from his plane ride recently, this is great.

The way the fan treated him was just great and the letter is even better!


From IJR:

When your career has made you a household name, sometimes the hardest thing to find is just a few moments of anonymity — especially in a small, enclosed space like a commercial aircraft.

So it was truly a big deal when “Dirty Jobs” fan Jason Eichenholz realized that he was sitting across the aisle from Mike Rowe and chose to write him a note rather than draw attention to the celebrity’s presence.

Rowe described the situation in a recent Facebook post:


Jason’s note reads:

Mr Rowe-

I wanted to let you know that I am a huge fan of yours. Your outlook on life and calming perspective are very much needed nowadays.

I thought a note might be a better way to show my appreciation for all that you do, while allowing you a few hours of anonymity on the flight. I really enjoy your videos on Facebook. Especially the ones about your mom!!! She sounds just like mine.

I also wanted you to know that I am trying really hard to create jobs for people here in the USA. I need skilled workers to build our latest high tech products. We are proud to have created more than 85 jobs in the last year and I expect to hire another 50+ electronic techs, assemblers, and testers in 2017. We have even reached out to the VA to engage them and their VAE (electronics) program.

Keep up the good work. It was an honor to fly with you.

Working smart and hard!!!

Jason Eichenholz

Seat 6E

What an amazing, AMERICAN story! Please share this and spread it around! Thank you!


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