Bullying has been a huge focus recently with kids committing suicide over it, now a new law has come along fining parents.

A lot of the blame is being placed on parent’s because if the kid was raised right they wouldn’t be treating other children like crap, right? Or they would be getting punished at home for that type of behavior. These kids learn this cruel behavior from somewhere, most likely at home.

From awm:

The Shawano city council just approved a new ordinance that allows the local police department to intervene in cases of bullying. The law applies to any child under the age of eighteen years old and is designed to target a number of types of harassment, from stealing lunch money to cyberbullying.

Parents of minors who are accused of these actions will receive a warning and a ninety day probationary term in which to change their child’s behavior. If they do not, the parent will receive a $366 fine for the first offence and $681 fine for each repeat offence.

The idea is that bullying both begins at home and needs to be dealt with by the parents.

Wow, this is a huge step. Parents of these bullies are going to have to step up and do something about their child or lose a whole lot of money!

Parents should be responsible for teaching their children right from wrong. I see no problem with putting heat on the parents that don’t. Innocent people should not have to deal with their disrespectful kids.

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  1. Viola

    True, a great deal of bullying is on the heads of parents, like those children who are latch-key kids, Those parents who spoil their children and never admit they do wrong, those kids who let the school system raise their kids, and those kids who have parents who bully. However, much of that is on the school systems themselves. Their are Teachers and coaches who ignore the behaviors of their favorites, School playground teachers who ignore bullying on the playground, and many schools who teach kids that they and not their parents are the authority. It is unlawful in our nation to charge a person for the crimes of another, so this is unconstitutional. While something needs to be done, the law needs to be well thought out, by holding schools accountable, and charging parents according to their neglect and not the child’s crime. And let us not forget, their are parents who suffer with children that are uncontrollable, even though the parent has tried.

  2. Deborah Krenke

    I agree with it I have a 11 year old daughter who is being bully on the bus and in the neighborhood by the same girls. I had told the school and called the police twice last month one of the girls have a mopad and tried to run my daughter over. So I had to call the police again to get it to stop and they have learned it from their mother cause I can’t go down there without her wanting to fight me. So I think it’s a great ideal I hope here in Kentucky they would do the same thing.

  3. Maureen

    I agree something should be done, but, put blame to parents I don’t fully agree, instead of punishing parents let’s put it on the kids, I am sure there are parks, elderly people’s houses that may need tending to I say let’s make these kids work hard in their neighborhoods, get them to make a difference or good if this don’t work well then they pay the consequences not parents, as we all know once a child goes out and is amongst friends we are not in control of their actions, so Make them Accountableoure and simple

  4. Mindy Reyes

    I have written a complete proposal on this entitled “Extreme to Stop the Mean”. It was written as a culminating project for my Master’s in Education Law. Please tell me who I may send this to for review as it requires only implementation!!

    • Tiger

      My granddaughter just got attacked in her high school this week. When the girl went back at her the second time unforunately my granddaughter defended herself, now she is facing criminal charges. The video shows the girl, twice her size, go at her the first time. The cops told the girl to get away, she went around and came right back her. This time my granddaughter hit back. Wrong move! 0 tolerance in school, the kids are not allowed to defend themselves, they are both guilty. Times have sure changed, the one that used to start it used to be the only one to get in trouble. The video even shows my granddaughter trying to avoid her. The other girl was kicked out of her prior school district for fighting, so I am hoping this will go in my granddaughters favor. She’s never been in fight before, she is an honor student, just earned a scholarship that she could lose over this. It’s hard to punish, when your child is simply defending them self.

  5. KayJ

    I think it would be better to ‘sentence’ the parents and the bully to spend 24 hours together during the school week on the first offense. That means parents must attend school with their bully, walk the halls with them and attend classes with them. Second offense the parents spend 48 hours, etc. if the humiliation doesn’t curb the bully’s attitude I don’t think anything g will. Just fining the parents doesn’t do anything because kids today think money grows on trees and will always get them out of trouble.

  6. Michael

    Best solution is punish the parents find out truth where they pick up the bulling from then go after them., plain and simple quit blaming school district.


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