The First Lady has received a lot of BS from liberal media. She has finally had enough and decides to hit back with this!


Reported by usapoliticstoday,

DoD photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos

Melania Trump was the victim of much media scrutiny from everything to wanting to stop bullying to the Daily Mail writing a story about the modeling agency that she used to work for was actually an escort service.

Yes, you read that right.

Of course like the First Lady she is, Melanie immediately filed suits and every “news” outlet that attacked her with this fake story has now had to write a retraction and apology to the First Lady.

The Daily Mail has retracted their story but Melania is still suing them for “salacious and extremely offensive statements about her,” according to CNBC’s Steve Kopack on Twitter Monday.

That’s not all though people. The details of the suit are going to make sure they pay for their lies about our First Lady Melania.

According to Duff News:

…the Daily Mail revealed a narrative outlining the former supermodel’s “very racy” past, together with Trump’s former romantic relationships, her profession in modeling and her immigration story. Pulling particulars from in Trump’s native Slovenia, the Daily Mail article claims the modeling company Trump used to work for was really an escort service.

But when you insult our First Lady you don’t get off that easily.

Melania Trump also humiliated all of the “news” organizations that reported on this story and had to retract their stories.

She tweeted all of the retractions out for everyone to see these liars.

And that mainstream media is what happens when you pick a fight with our First Lady.

Melania Trump just showed all of these fake news outlets what will happen when you pick a fight with her.

Our First Lady doesn’t mess around. Remember that fake news.

Share this everywhere so these horrible “news” outlets will know the consequences of fake stories about our First Lady like this!

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Don’t mess with America’s First Lady!

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