The Hawaiian Islands are known for being one of the most beautiful and natural places in the world. The paradise has within it all of the tropical wonders that mother nature has to offer. There are white sandy beaches, coral reefs, rocky volcano peaks, lush green forests, clear freshwater pools, cascading waterfalls, fields of tall grasses, and countless types and varieties of flora and fauna. The list goes on and on, there is so much to see and explore throughout the islands.

One of the main attractions is the North Shore of the Island of O’ahu. The third biggest island draws in surfers who are looking to experience the excellent surfing conditions that exist there. During the northern hemisphere’s winter months the North Pacific Ocean is often stormy and this weather activity causes swells to roll onto the North Shore’s beaches. These massive waves attract the best surfers from around the globe to the top surfing spots that include Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach.

After viewing this stunning clip it’s easy to see why so many people name Hawaii as a top destination they want to visit before they die. Film maker and drone pilot extraordinaire Eric Sterman took to the sky to capture some of the most beautiful and gorgeous footage of O’ahu to date. Check it out to see some of the best sights, hidden gems, and other vistas that can only be found on ore near the North Shore.

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