The office of the presidency is now a joke, thanks to Joe Biden.

The man is a laughing stock of the world.

If you do not believe me, just turn on the Australian news or the British outlets.

They are constantly mocking Joe Biden, and this latest video of him attempting to put on his jacket is no exception.

Then to make matters even more embarrassing is that ole’ Joe needed his nurse, Jill Biden, to help him put his jacket on while two Marines look stunned.

You see Jill trying to get Joe’s jacket on, and I am sure she was thinking, “This clumsy buffoon is going to be trending on Twitter over this….”

After the struggle of Joe putting on his coat, the Bidens probably were sighing in relief that it was over until disaster struck.

While they worked so hard to get the coat on, it knocked Joe’s “signature” sunglasses loose, and they fell off his face and hit the ground.

What a disheveled mess these two are.

You can watch the video below:

Those two Marines are watching this unfold and probably thinking, “My God, we are all so screwed….”

Here’s what people online are saying:

“All the style and grace of Mr. Magoo.”

“When is this facade going to be over? I loathe this movie”

“Those poor Marines – they must laugh their butts off when they aren’t working.”

“81 Million votes.”

“Leader of the free world. Looks like he’s lost.”

“Highway to the I can’t dress myself zone”

“Also, it looks like he started to walk the wrong way at the end LOL” 

“The glasses just fall off his face. I think he forgot they were there. Lol”

“A comedy of bumbling, fumbling errors. I applaud the stoicism of the servicemen.”

“Feebleness on full display”

“Of course with his face diaper. Pure theater.”

“So, he’s wearing a mask outside, basically alone, after sitting in a room in Kentucky, with no mask, coughing all over the place?” 

“My God this man is an absolute idiot” 

Regarding the mask comments — yes, Joe Biden went to Kentucky today, and he was mask-free around many people, and his cough was so deep and rumbly that it sounded like his lung was about to fall out of his mouth. But he gets off the plane wearing a mask… I guess this is more of that famous “Democrat sCieNcE” we’ve been hearing about for a couple of years now.

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