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A girl, age 17, was set aflame outside her apartment and killed after she refused to marry a relative who was older than she was. Her parents refused the offer from the relative because of the age difference. The relative was in his late 20’s. Midhun was angry about being turned down and he kept pressuring the family until the police paid him a visit. At that time, he swore to stay away from the girl and her family, but later went back to the house and was arguing with the father in front of the house. The girl went outside and Midhun doused her with something flammable and he set her on fire.

From The Daily Star

A teenager has died after being set on fire outside her home by a relative for refusing an offer of marriage.

The girl named Devika, 17 had been propositioned by her relative who turned angry when she rejected him, police in the Indian state of Kerala.

Midhun, who was reportedly in his late 20s, had asked Devika’s family to let him marry her.

But the family turned down his request, according to NDTV, because of the age difference.

Midhun is believed to have remained defiant and kept pressuring the family until they went to the police.

When cops first approached him, he told them he would no longer bother Devika and her family.

But early on Thursday morning, Midhun went to Devika’s home to again demand that she marry him.

Devika’s father stopped him outside the house, but she came out when she heard the commotion.

Midhun is then reported to have poured a flammable substance on the teenager and set her on fire, in the process setting fire to himself.

Both Devika and Midhun were rushed to the Ernakulam Medical College in the Keralan city of Kochi but were pronounced dead on arrival.

Her father also suffered burn injuries while frantically trying to save his daughter’s life.

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