Gary Sinise has just been selected for the Army’s highest award for a civilian.

Gary Sinise has been completely devoted to the military and it’s veterans. This devotion and service has earned him the George Catlett Marshall Medal. This is the highest award a civilian can get. Looking at all he has done for the military and it’s vets, he is very deserving of the medal.

From Lifezette:

Throughout my journeys, I’ve noticed that in almost every single facility that I have visited, an autographed photo of Gary Sinise is proudly displayed. A sincere message typically accompanies the photo. Sinise has been supporting military members and veterans for decades now. After his very heartfelt performance as Lt. Dan in the movie “Forrest Gump” — in which he played a severely wounded combat veteran — Sinise began working closely with wounded and disabled veterans.

He has received several awards throughout the years for his selfless service to the military and first responders.  He’s also founded an organization — the Gary Sinise Foundation — that provides a host of service to veterans, including providing smart homes for severely wounded and disabled veterans. The foundation also puts on the Invincible Spirit Festival, which honors wounded service members in addition to their caregivers and hospital staff. If these amazing programs weren’t enough, there’s even more that the Gary Sinise Foundation sponsors

This man has more class, heart and intelligence in his little finger than all of those goof balls who keep yelling, threatening and complaining. SO TIRED OF ALL THESE LIES AND DRAMA.

Thank You Gary Sinise for giving these brave men and women everything that you do for them. They deserve it and we appreciate everything!! You make us proud!! God Bless You Sir!!


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