Homosexuality is exploding now more than ever among teens and young adults in the U.S.

If you’ve ever wondered about homosexuality being something you’re “born with,” these numbers will blow that theory right out of the water! With this new generation being the most liberal, “anything goes” generation, the rise in homosexuality is no surprise.

From WND:

Over the last decade, the relative proportion of U.S. teenagers claiming to be homosexual has increased 85 percent; the relative proportion who have not made up their minds about embracing homosexuality has increased 53 percent; and those claiming interest only in the opposite sex has dropped 6 percent. If you’ve ever wondered if homosexuality is learned, believe it: The effort of gays, Hollywood, educators and the federal government to homosexualize our youth is working.

Of the 16 million U.S. high-school students today, an extra million are either homosexual or heading in that direction! So say the findings of a gigantic 25-year study by the Centers for Disease Control.

Our new snow flake society, don’t leave anyone out (except Christians and Conservatives), tolerance mentality has led to the pushing of homosexuality and transgenderism. This has never been seen before. These things are actually being pushed to children.

Popular cartoons and movies subtly adding pro homosexual messages, gay pride parades taking over cities, former president Obama pushing for children to share bathrooms with transgender children and the CDC recommending that the schools have gay/straight clubs.

Read all the of the numbers here…

Watch what the CDC wants to do for the LGBT community below…

All I know is we as parents will have to step up big time. Spend more time with our children in God’s Word. Teach them to be strong, to be leaders and to really know who they are. Teach them to be confident and be a positive parent!

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