In a news item that makes me cringe just to think about it, a man wakes up with a gigantic hangover missing his penis in what is described as an attack. The amazing thing is he didn’t realize it was missing until he went to the bathroom. And I thought it was bad to find out I am missing toilet paper when I’m done. This guy has it much worse. When he found out it was missing he let out a scream that woke some of neighbors. (My screams would have awakened the dead)

From The Daily Star

A man woke up with a massive hangover – and no penis.

The horrified drinker found his genitals had been torn off while he slept in a horrific cannibal attack.

The 51-year-old victim, named locally as Moses Wanyoike, was found by shocked neighbours after his screams woke them up.

Moses is said to have told them he had “no idea” how he lost his genitals and only noticed when he got up to go to the toilet after a night on the beers.

Nixon Warui, a local resident, told Kenya’s Daily Nation: “I was among the people who search for the missing part of his genitalia.

“We hoped we could find it and take it to the hospital in time for it to be stitched back on. It’s unfortunate that did not happen.”

Moses reportedly spent six hours drinking with friends before heading to one of their homes at around 2am.

“Throughout the journey, he kept on telling me that he would circumcise me,” he told K24 Digital. “I treated it as a bad joke, I just thought he was drunk.”

One man, named by local media as Gerald Mbugua, was later arrested by police in connection with the incident.

Senior officer Dorothy Gaitenga said: “One suspect is in custody and is helping us connect the dots in order to establish what happened.

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