Yes! President Trump makes good on yet another campaign promise.

The immigration raids have begun!

Hundreds of arrests of illegal criminal Immigrants have been made in several states. They are rounding them up and sending them back to their own countries! Law and order is, indeed, making a huge comeback under Trump. These types of numbers would have never been deported under Obama.

From Freedom daily:

The raids took place in Georgia, Illinois, New York, California, and North & South Carolina. Illegal criminals were arrested at their homes and workplaces. Immigration watchers say that raids also took place in the states of Florida, Kansas, Texas and Virginia.

Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman Gillian Christensen told the Post that ICE agents arrested illegals from a “dozen Latin American countries.” Christensen went on, “We’re talking about people who are threats to public safety or a threat to the integrity of the immigration system.” The majority were guilty of serious crimes, including murder, according to the spokeswoman.

Many leftists complained that this all came about because of Trump, but L.A. ICE Director Marin told news organizations that the raids in Los Angeles were planned “before the administration came out with their current executive orders.”

Immigration officials did say that the raids were larger than they would have been under the Obama administration, largely in part due to President Trump’s new executive order directing them to focus on deporting illegal aliens who have committed crimes.

The liberal outrage is fierce right now. But it’s based on ignorance. I mean who in their right mind would want to keep these CRIMINALS in our country? Pedophiles and murderers who aren’t even our own citizens? Good riddance!

And even the non-criminal immigrants who are here illegally, there is a way to become a citizen LEGALLY. Not upholding those requirements leads to what the last 8 years have been, tax payers supporting people who aren’t even citizens.  We already enable our own citizens with welfare, it ALL needs to end. This raid is an excellent start.

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  1. Sharon Tipton

    ABOUT time! GOOD for President Trump – keep going and get those idiot Protesters arrested as well.


    Yes! Time to keep illegals with criminal records out of USA also illegals got no right for benefits since we got Veterans with no place to live. Liberals and Socialist get out if you don’t like it. Time to follow the law. Why Mexico got a wall with Guatemala? The time is now to take care of USA.


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