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VIA| Barack Hussein Obama is always talking about how peaceful and tolerant Muslims are. Videos like this, however, remind us that this could not be further from the truth.


According to Right Wing News, a Muslim man in Florida was recently outraged to come upon a group of bikini-clad girls hanging out by a pool. What he did next is horrifying…


Watch as the Muslim points a taser at the women and their families to threaten them for daring to wear bikinis.

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4 Responses

  1. Don Nicholas

    The tolerance shown by this Muslim is much like our liberals, SJW and socialist towards any but their views.

  2. Tim

    Wonder if these are part of Obama’s ‘Refugee’ program. Ship their arses back to the dirt-loving land they all seem to love. Muslims cannot and will not adapt to Western civilization. This proves the point.

  3. Dean Gilbert

    Boy needs that Tazer rammed up his arse and pull the trigger. Assimilate or leave.

  4. Beverly Thorpe

    Only the most ignorant muslim would not know that America is different and surely has heard of our “heathen” ways, BEFORE ever coming to America. We welcome them to come live here according to our laws, and to hide away under Burkas or in their homes living their culture other than the culture that is forbidden by our laws, but don’t think for one minute America is going to change to a stranger from another country. If you can’t ACCEPT our way of life, then don’t LIVE HERE.


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