In case you haven’t seen, Late Night “comedian” Jimmy Kimmel has recently appointed himself arbiter of all that is right in this world. Just a couple days ago, he FINALLY condemned Liberal Hollywood Mogul Harvey Weinsten, who was just accused of Sexual abuse and rape. But then Kimmel compared Donald Trump to Harvey Weinstein, as if there is ANY comparison.

Kimmel didn’t cry this time, but he accused President Trump of sexual assault, as he has done for the past year. He offered no evidence, and just used this as a way to deflect from his disgraced Hollywood buddy, Harvey Weinstein. Well, a SICK video just surfaced that exposes Jimmy Kimmel for the hypocrite he REALLY is.


Earlier today a video surfaced showing Jimmy Kimmel making sexual advances towards a woman and making very disgusting comments at the same time. He used his power as a TV host to pressure these women into feeling his crotch. Sickening! This was years before the liberal media dubbed him the moral arbitor of our time… and after seeing this video, maybe they’ll reconsider. This is FAR worse than anything President Trump ever did! WATCH this then SHARE on Facebook to expose Jimmy Kimmel!




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