Joe Biden’s Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made a “ridiculous” answer to Fox News’ Peter Doocy about her 2016 stolen election claim. Now, Joe Rogan made a perfect commentary on the subject.

On Tuesday’s episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast on Spotify, stand-up comedians Tony Hinchcliffe and Hans Kim joined Rogan.

Their topic? The press secretary’s “hilarious” answer to Doocy about a tweet she made in 2016 claiming that former President Donald Trump had stolen the election.

Here’s what Rogan asked his guests:

“Did you ever see her confronted on it?”

“You gotta see this. It’s hilarious. Cause that guy Peter Doocy from Fox News, who always asks the best questions. Like, if you want that show to be entertaining, you want that guy to ask questions, because he always catches them.”

“And so he brings up a tweet of hers from 2016, where she says the election is stolen while she’s talking about how important it is not entertaining any ideas of the 2020 election being stolen,” he added. “Like, what are you talking about? What?”

“First of all, what kind of audit have you done where you’re so confident that the election has been stolen or has not been stolen,” the podcast host continued. “How much work are you doing before you’re making these assertions? Almost zero.”

“Stolen emails, stolen drone, stolen election …..welcome to the world of #unpresidented Trump,” Rogan read Jean-Pierre’s 2016 tweet.

Afterwards, he played a video of the Fox News White House correspondent asking the press secretary, “if denying election results is extreme now, why wasn’t it then?”

It was a reference to recent comments from President Joe Biden that “extremists” in the MAGA wing of the Republican Party were the ones who denied the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Jean-Pierre called the comparison he made “just ridiculous.”

More from Daily Wire’s report:

The podcaster said her “saying that question is ridiculous is ridiculous.”

“That is not a ridiculous question,” Rogan told his guests. “That is a very good question. It’s a very good questions.”

At one point, he also blasted those who have claimed that asking voters to show “ID is racist,” but doing the same when it comes the pandemic is necessary.

In a character voice he said, “you don’t need to show ID to vote. But you better have your ID ready and your vax card if you want to eat in a restaurant.”

Same people,” he added. “Same people. ID is racist, but you need an ID, cause you have to do the right thing. It’s like they’re bearing the weight of this hypocrisy all day long is just blowing their brains out.”

Source: DailyWire

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