It seems that Cindy McCain is being haunted by her own words… She’s about to pay the price…

Going back to election days,  Cindy is proud of herself for letting Biden win in Arizona – I mean she always thought she’s behind those number of votes that went to Biden.

Though statistically, many people don’t believe AZ “really” went to Biden.

Let us recall her tweet back in September 2020 where she said Joe Biden is a dependable commander in chief. What a laughing stock.

Can anybody remind her to update her tweet?

Also earlier this year, she said that Biden is “absolutely ready” to be president.

Cindy McCain was introduced to her husband, the late Senator John McCain, by now first lady Jill Biden. “I’m just so grateful that they did introduce me because, you know, love of my life,” McCain told CBS “Evening News” anchor and managing editor Norah O’Donnell.

Still, it was a surprise when the lifelong Republican endorsed Joe Biden for president — Arizona has a long history as a red state, with only one other Democratic presidential candidate winning there since 1948. McCain said she hopes her endorsement helped Mr. Biden win the White House. “I mean, that’s why I did it. it. But I also think it was a change in the country. We saw people here, especially suburban people really frustrated with what was going on,” she said. “And they stepped across the line as I did. And we voted together on this to make sure — to do it for what was right for our children and for our grandchildren.”

All I can say is that this may be karma for Biden and his supporters. This is so embarrassing for Cindy. Big time.

Sources: Wayne Dupree, CBS News

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  1. Original Anna

    This woman’s father came home from Vietnam and told his father he was running as a democrat. His father told him in this state you have to run as a republican or you won’t win. McCain always ran as a fake republican, his politician friends were democrats, he voted with the democrats and never did this information be brought to anyone’s attention even when McCain raised his finger in drama and lowered it to vote no to Trump’s health care plan better than anything the democrats offered. McCain, it was always about himself not about the people who kept voting for him. Sorry, he was not the only POW this country has had and that is no reason to never have the media uncover his true democrat heart that has helped bring this country almost either into communist or Islam hands.


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