Fox News can’t take the heat so they just censor it again. Judge  Jeanine made her point and should not be penalized for sharing her views about Biden’s failures.

Jeanine Pirro torched Joe Biden Saturday on “Justice with Judge Jeanine” for “fumbling” the troop withdrawal of Afghanistan, claiming the “so-called commander in chief” was a “fumbling, lying, idiotic fool incapable of extricating innocent Americans and Afghan allies” from behind enemy lines.

Fox News got panic and don’t know what to do after Judge Jeanine went after Biden so hard.

Judge Jeanine said that Joe Biden – as the s0-called “commander in chief” should be court-martialed.

Here’s an excerpt from JEANINE PIRRO’s monologue: (You can watch the full monologue below)

JEANINE PIRRO: Mark this day as the day the United States of America officially fell from grace as the world’s superpower, due to the ineptitude, the incompetence, and the dereliction of duty by a so-called commander in chief. A fumbling, lying, idiotic fool incapable of extricating innocent Americans and Afghan allies from behind enemy lines in the war zone we entered 20 years ago.

As American families of those trapped behind enemy lines, as Afghani Americans whose families helped us, and indeed Americans of all walks of life are glued to this crisis on television. They’re met with government officials who are not only not candid, or are confused or are just outright lying.

Clearly, the Taliban has taken over. They have our weapons, and we can’t even get Americans to the airport.

How do you expect any American in danger overseas to even believe you? One day, you tell us to proceed to the airport, but you cannot provide safe passage to that airport. The next day, Americans are told to simply proceed to that airport anyway. Today, we’re told not to go to the airport. This, in spite of your promise that you’ll use every resource to carry out the mission. You can’t guarantee passage to an airport in a third-world country that we’ve controlled for 20 years.

Judge Jeanine caught Fox off guard and the broadcast was reportedly interrupted for just a few seconds right after.

Will Fox News suspended Judge Jeanine again? Remember when they did that after Judge Jeanine went after Ilhan Omar?

Noting Judge Jeanine said was wrong then…and she’s not wrong now:

Here’s an excerpt report from The Hill:

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro was reportedly suspended by the network following comments she made earlier this month about Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minn.) loyalty to the Constitution.

CNN reported the suspension on Sunday, citing an unidentified source familiar with the matter.

Pirro’s show, “Justice with Jeanine,” did not air Saturday evening during its regularly scheduled block and was replaced with an episode of “Scandalous.”

Pirro suggested during her March 9 show that Omar’s religious beliefs were at odds with the U.S. Constitution.

Well, Fox News better mind their p’s and q’s if they know what’s good for them.

Sources: WayneDupree, The Hill, Wikipedia

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  1. ssilv48

    obozo is the taliban and all the time he was illegally in America’s highest office, he was giving the taliban American taxpayers money to do harm against American Soldiers, bozo was an illegal man in the white house and biden was an illegal vp only to be back in the white house on a stolen election and there are thousands that need to be swinging from a tree including the kenyan born muslime

  2. stevor

    joe and the hoe are on their way out (as planned all along, with them both being so obviously incompetent). Other things lined up are the Durham investigation to tell who are the major lefties.
    My question is whether this is lining up for Pelosi to take over (speaker of house) and if so will she make soon-to-be-recalled gavin VP so he can become “president” or whether Trump will reclaim the job.


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