Kamala Harris? I say this only because I truly care. Drugs kill, babe. I’m not sure but they could be Magic Mushrooms because she believes that a 3.5% unemployment rate, a 3% wage hike and the most Americans ever employed is a terrible economy. And remember, she thought the Obama economy was great. She claims that Trump has left the middle class behind. Both parties work hard to move people in the middle class out. The difference is the Republicans try to move them into the rich class and Democrats move them to the lower class. Will they drug test her before the debate tonight?

From Breitbart News

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) claimed that President Trump has “sold out working people” despite smashing economic records, telling her audience that we need a new commander in chief because, “dude gotta go.”

Harris on Monday posted a video of her response to the question, “If there’s one thing that you think President Trump has done right, what would that be?”

The presidential hopeful, who continues to sink in the polls, paused and looked around the room, prompting chuckles.

“I’m at – I rarely am, I’m at a loss for words,” Harris said before accusing the president of selling out working people.

“He sold people out. He has sold people out. He sold out working people,” she proclaimed, and went on:

He came in office saying, he said, ‘I got you, working people. I got you.’ Everyone from farmers to autoworkers to UFCW workers. I got you. I see you. I got your back. And then he passed a tax bill benefiting the top one percent and the biggest corporations.

“We need a new commander in chief and we need a new president because dude gotta go,” she added:

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