Liberals naively believe that getting a gun is as easy as ordering a happy meal. Wrong.

In a pathetic attempt to video tape the purchase of a gun in order to show the American public just how easy it is, one liberal gets an embarrassing awakening when realizing it is NOT like taking candy from a baby. There are many legal documents and steps required in order to purchase a gun including a three day wait while background checks go through.

Via Conservative Tribune:

Maggie Palmer, an Australian reporter, set out on a mission to by a gun in Las Vegas, a town she described as having relaxed gun laws.

“Literally all you need to buy a new gun is a local ID card,” Palmer wrote in a piece for Australian news outlet SBS.

“The seller conducts a background check which takes less than an hour in some cases. Get the all clear and voila — you’re a gun holder! No license or registration required,” she wrote.

Eager to prove her point, Palmer waltzed into a Walmart with a camera crew, fully expecting walk out of the store with a gun.

Palmer sarcastically called attention to how the rifle display was located next to the toy section. She also pointed out how the Walmart assistant behind the counter claimed she was not particularly educated about guns (and that their regular gun expert was off that day), but yet was still able to sell them.

Next time you assume to know anything about the law or constitution and you also happen to be a liberal maybe actually do some research first.

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