We should all be proud of who we are, and none of us should be ashamed of who we are.

The fact that there are liberals out there that would want us to feel bad about the way we were born is absolutely wrong.

The fact that there are people that would want to do this to kids is even worse.






Anastasia Higginbotham

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  1. Phil F

    I’m ashamed Higginbotham is white, she’s a wacked out liberal nutcase. Black Americans are not abused, segregated or discriminated against by a majority of white Americans.
    Are there racists in America, yes, but they’re few and far between and they reside on both ends of the color spectrum.
    Contrary to this ignorant woman’s opinion most people including black people are a product of their own doing. It’s not Whitey’s fault!

    • Luis D Rey

      Phil, I am a Latino, not brown and concur with you totally,
      This woman “Higginpiggy” is so misguided and crooked as Hilary Clinton or worse.
      Liberal/Progressive/Socialists and Communists would have been a show likeit was witch burning in the 19th Cent. and 20th Century seeing being hung by the neck until dead by real Negros, lol.

    • DRLJR

      And many of the racist are Blacks. Which is something the “Propaganda Media” works to hide.

  2. DRLJR

    No parent who is looking out for the children would allow their children to go public libraries today as well. Besides people like this woman there are also people promoting and exposing children to all sorts of deviant behaviors in public libraries all over the place.

  3. Mark Little

    The women should not be allowed near childern. She is pure evil.

  4. jim Nash

    She should be jailed. She is pictured next to the village idiot, Kaepernick, who was raised by a white family and given everything and now he has generated hate for the police. I will tell you what when you need some help call Obama or Sharpton. Let me know how it turns out.

  5. Ron Hopkins

    This clown has her right to write her book but it doesn’t give her the right to be in our schools spreading her stupid crap. Just another well off guilty white person who has little gray matter upstairs. If she wants to help minorities take all her money and give it to charities. Stop with the blame game because it does nothing to help America. This crap divides us. If this clown actually believes her trash go to some South American countries and help the people. Don’t go around making money off your sorry ass white guilt and then act as if your doing something constructive. Nuff said!


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