A liberal New Yorker has married ten Muslim men just to get them their green cards, now she’s paying for it.

39-year-old Liana Barrientos was found to have multiple marriage licenses. The New York police department say that she was married to 10 men at the same time. These men came from Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, and other countries.

Is there a website for men looking for green cards? Where did she find these men from multiple different countries and how much did they pay her? Because obviously she’s making money off of something like this.

From Conservative Post:

One of the men was deported from the United States after making threats against the government.
As soon as the wedding ceremony was over, seven husbands applied for permanent resident status in the country.

When some of them were denied, they filed for divorce and submitted new applications, stating that they were married to other women.

All of these men should be returned to the countries they came from. Who knows what their intentions were for coming to America.

Barrientos is now being charged with two counts of offering a false instrument for filing, each offence is punishable by up to four years in prison. Hopefully there will be no more marriages for her!

4 Responses

  1. Grumpy Vet

    Revoke her citizenship and send her to N. Korea, along with all the terrorists she married!

  2. Jim Nash

    50 years in jail and a $50k fine should teach her a lesson. Feds need to determine if there is an organization that brings these parties together

  3. John W King

    It was said many times by several different posts that this was a very real threat, and now the proof is there for all to see, I have to ask if the people of the United States are tired enough of this to say ‘ENOUGH’! and demand that this woman be given the very maximum possible to send the message it will not be tolerated any more, and do more than send the ‘husbands’ back to the countries of origin with a very stern warning that if they continue to allow this to infect the United States, they will find it ever more difficult to obtain ‘AID’ from the United States, I think this will go a very long way to solve this problem.


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