US District Attorney Dana Boente made a huge announcement, and this means that we may finally be seeing some justice against Obama.

Though mainstream media is absolutely in love with Obama and refuses to report on any of his scandals, most Americans know the truth. With Donald Trump as president, it looks like Hussein Obama won’t be getting away with it for much longer. It seems that law and order is back fashion and US District Attorney Dana Boente is going after anyone who is working to illegally undermine President Trump.

Obama, Hillary Clinton and George Soros all need to be looked at for their questionable activities, and Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs thinks they should be charged with sedition if it is discovered they are complicit in election tampering. There is big money at play in all of this and Soros seems to be the primary donor.

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Evidence points to Soros funding the riots and Obama is his mouthpiece and puppet. Part of the strategy is to create a huge demand for welfare in order to bring about economic collapse.

Recently, Obama has been very vocal in opposing President Trump’s policies. He doesn’t seem to be stepping away from politics like most of his predecessors and said he is going to continue fighting Trump at every turn.

According to Lou Dobbs, “Barack Obama, who many claim will be creating a shadow government to frustrate the policy goals of this administration, we’re looking at something that’s coming very close to, it seems to me, sedition.”

With all of the money and greed at play in all of this, do you think that we’ll be able to see the day where the Clinton’s, Obama, and George Soros are brought to justice? Please share your comments below…


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