President Trump is not going to take any BS from anybody! After John McCain and Lindsey Graham tried to bash Donald Trump, they got a rude awakening…


According to uconservative,

It takes just a little online searching to find out a lot about the filthy life of John McCain. Among many other things, this guy is one of the people responsible for the creation of ISIS, Al’Nusra and many other terrorist organizations in the Middle East.

Now that President Donald Trump is on his mission to destroy these structures and ban the vast Muslim wave full of illegal immigrants, McCain is doing everything he can to stop him.

John McCain and Lindsey Graham thought it would be enough to get together and release a joint statement claiming that Trump’s immigration ban is a “self-inflicted wound in the fight against terrorism.”

Boy, they were so wrong! Are they actually THAT stupid and not be aware that Trump is not going to just stand there and let two fake Republicans like McCain and Graham trashing his plan like that?!

As reported by Proud Patriots, he took to Twitter and completely ANNIHILATED them:

“The joint statement of former presidential candidates John McCain & Lindsey Graham is wrong – they are sadly weak on immigration. The two Senators should focus their energies on ISIS, illegal immigration and border security instead of always looking to start World War III,” wrote President Trump.

As always, President Trump is here to make the REAL truth get heard by everyone!

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Go Trump! Doing the right thing!

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